Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day apron!

Yesterday morning, just a few hours before work, I finished my Valentine's day apron! I traced the top part from a dress I already own, although that dress had darts and I omitted them here. I used 3/4 of a yard of the "bee mine" fabric- I love visual puns!!!- and a skinny remnant of the heart print. I didn't even have enough to make two pockets or add to my "lifetime 3 inch square" collection.
The v-shaped band under the top I spotted on a different pattern envelope and stole the idea, while the bottom piece was just done by holding the fabric up to about where I wanted it, and tracing the curve from a dinner plate. I used some scrap (actually a whole yard of fabric I purchased but I don't even like the print that much anymore, so I was happy to cut into it) to face the top and the pocket.

I'm glad to finally use the eyelet trim, I've had it for ages. Nothing ever seemed quite right for it but I didn't want to keep holding onto it. I still have a piece- enough for another pocket, but I've got no more matching pocket fabric! Somewhere in my stash I have another love-themed fabric but honestly I kinda like this with just the one pocket.

Big hit at work when I wore it in! Too bad I'm only scheduled a few times this week, yesterday and Friday- at least I'll get to wear it on Valentine's day!
I'm also scheduled Saturday but I might feel kinda silly wearing a holiday themed apron after-the-fact.

In other news it's been so nice out- in the seventies, warm breeze- I "blow dried" my hair by driving about with the windows down. Also I pulled some heels out of the zippered case they stay in under the bed- and it's a good thing I looked before I stuck my bare foot in one, a bug had died inside one! Gross!

I haven't figured out yet the intricacies of the blogger mobile app, so the pictures below are me in my apron and the few scraps I had left (including the pattern which I traced using two taped together pieces of paper ripped out of a magazine, but excluding my wee bit of trim leftover).

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