Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bunny tryouts

Before going out of town, we asked someone to pet sit the buns. We'll be taking the big Hooch with us-he's got a buddy to catch up with!
Since she was coming by for a rundown of the rabbits, we figured we'd try them in there for a bit, just to see how they were getting accustomed to it!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hutch under way!

We've started on our outdoor rabbit hutch a few weeks ago! We were planning on something raised up to help keep it aerated and away from Hooch the dog. We may enclose the bottom legs in wire to give them a bunny run, but they'll probably only be put down there with supervision- and/or when Hooch isn't out in the yard. I'm also considering a free standing run that'll sit in the shed when not in use. As the weather warms I'm looking forward to tending to the buns outside.

We could have bought something, but I couldn't find anything I was totally pleased with AND could be raised off the ground, while the husband wanted the challenge-and satisfaction- of building it himself. Don't look too closely, as we're both total beginners and it's a tad rickety- but I don't think the rabbits we will complain too much!