Friday, July 15, 2011

Mid July Madness.

- My trip to DC went well! But I spent a lot of money and forty dollars were stolen out of my wallet. aaand I forgot all my important registration numbers, but Dan went and got them all for me. I also forgot my ID, but that probably helped me not spend so much money.
- I changed my hair in a big way! Getting used to it.
- I got to see my cousins, and catch up on the family drama. I also saw my high school bud and we made a friend of an English girl.
- I haven't been able to work much at the bakery- I keep running out of stuff to do because summer is slow. While this means I get out a little earlier and I'm not behind on orders, it also means less money. I was told to no even come in Monday because there's nothing for me to send out.
- The restaurant has been busy though, I got out very late tonight- One AM! and I am scheduled to work four days next week. So, hopefully it works out ok.
- Being by myself at work was kind of nice, actually, and I got to listen to MY music all day long.
- I'm knitting on a new sweater! I didn't even think about how it'll be the biggest piece of clothing I'll have knitted. Maybe that's the best way for me to choose knitting projects- stop contemplating so much and just jump right in! I was actually going to knit a short sleeved sweater on thicker yarn, but the yarn store didn't really have what I was looking for there (and the yarn the shop girl suggested knitted up much too thin, like I expected it would.
- Dan got me a bike! It's a lovely bike, rather old, and a bit tall for me- making it hard to learn. But so far I have only one brief session.
- And that'll be all the learning for now because Dan is going away on business for nearly a week and a half!! :(
- At least I'll have work to keep me busy? and the knitting, and trying to get my stuff out of boxes... but there's no where for it to go except on the floor. but I'll work on it. And no buying things, all this not-working means I have to make sure I can cover rent and utilities (I just moved!!!) this month. In the last two weeks I had only worked seven days total at the bakery and THREE days at the restaurant.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh, blog.

I sat down to write, opened up "New Post" and everything, and just wasn't feeling it. Still no picture-loading, so that'll probably go up on my list of things to buy: a card reader. This weekend, though, I am going down to DC, so that's most of my other-stuff budget, but then I'll take pictures while I am there! Very confusing all of it.

Anyways I am all moved in to my cottage. It's been good so far and having my own place has been nice. Money hasn't been in excess but I had some family help for the down payment and I'm prioritizing what I want/need/can afford. I'd like a microwave but I think I'll buy a set of pans first. However both of those can wait because I have some pans I can use in the oven so I'm okay with that- I've made a few pizzas, and sandwiches. Dan took me to the grocery store so I'd actually have food in my house, which is great! But in two weeks he'll be going to California to work Comic-con (I'm totally jealous, I hope he has no fun at all), and he'll be gone for about ten days. So I'll have plan some other grocery-obtaining ways, since I doubt I can learn to ride a bike within this week- especially because I don't own a bike.

July might be an expensive month :/ Even though I asked off this weekend, due to the holiday weekend I didn't have work at the bakery Friday and no work at either job Monday. This week I am only working three shifts for one job and one shift at another! Hopefully July will be surprisingly busy at the restaurant- I know a lot of the bussers have and will be trying to go down "to the shore" on the weekends, so maybe I can take their shifts.
June was a hard month for me though, not particularly economically- though I was trying hard to get out of my apartment and plunked a lot of money down at the end of the month, as well as on train tickets and food to spend time away from home. I am rather glad it's over and hope July is at least better even if it's a bit costly.