Thursday, January 31, 2013

Parliament sweater

this post was written on my phone, that's why the pictures are sideways and at the end

A few weekends ago, I went thrift store shopping with some great friends from knitting, Kellie and Sydni. (Sydni's blog)
Sydni started looking at me funny, then asked: is your arm socket space smaller than mine?
Haha! She meant, she had knitted a sweater and the armscye area was too tight on her. It's a raglan, so there's no releasing the seam. She was offering to GIVE it to me!!
Not only was it an Owls sweater- a project I had been meaning to make- it was a cardigan! I kept thinking to myself, "I should knit a cardigan, I have enough pullovers."
It's essentially perfect. The sleeves are a bit long-  which is cute, I can cuff them! There are no buttons- yet. There are button holes.
I wore it yesterday and today (I know, today's pink-skirt-brown-socks-black-tank-purple-shoes outfit is a bit much. I couldn't seem to get it together this morning), and I'll wear it tomorrow to knitting group....
I have JUST the thank-you project planned out.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wild caught imitation crab stick

Wild caught imitation crab stick, straight from China :) at SF supermarket in Spring Mountain/Chinatown area! ^_^

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

new year, more blog

I am baaaack!

I have so much to share.
But right now this is just a post to let you know I'm still here.

Here are some things that have been happening:

1. I got a car. My parents paid for it and for a lot of mechanic work, so I'll be owing them back the money. This is on top of all the rest of the money I owe them. But it's so nice to have my own little car, and getting around- to and from work, working out stuff for school- has been really helpful.

2. Speaking of money, I am also looking at another nursing program at Roseman University. The reputation isn't UNLV- in fact, I've been seeing ads for Roseman popping up all over, which made me think it was some kind of diploma mill (although, you can't really do that with Nursing). I think someone in their marketing/recruiting offices just doesn't know how spammy sidebar ads can feel. 
Roseman will be a lot more expensive, but it's not requiring anywhere near as many prereq classes as UNLV is. The amount of extra classes I'd have to take at UNLV kinda evens it out. I could get in to Roseman a lot faster, which is the appeal right now.

3. But let's get over money woes and important career planning (srs bzness). Let's get back to knitting!


My knitting group started a Sock KAL. It's toe up with the heel flap and going swimmingly for me so far. I've just reached the heel flap, though...

I have a knitting New Years resolution, and that's to knit more for charity. My resolution from last year was to enter things in the county fair (which is in April) and I made that resolution in the fall.
Some of the things I'm thinking of entering in the fair:
- The socks from the Sock KAL
- My Wingspan shawl, even though it has a whole row where I messed up
- My mom's Poitou vest, if I finish it in time
- Maybe some handspun

Some of the things I'm considering knitting for charity:
- Hats for Christmas at Sea I even have some dark green Cascade 220 wool, but it's not superwash.
- Snuggles for pet shelters in the area. These are basically mats to put on the bottoms of cages so they're a little cozier for the wee beasts.

And for charity, while I have a sort of erratic and busy schedule, I still want to volunteer more. There's a community garden that's starting back up after the winter, and William will be playing a show there soon, so I'll be checking it out then. There's also a little rescue farm on the north side of town but I put my info down ages ago and never heard back from them for volunteering. I tried for a group that puts together care packages for new mothers but they didn't meet at times I could make.
I continue to look around!