Saturday, February 15, 2014

Current sewing plan!

Current sewing plan: this list is only things that have deadlines at the moment!
I have plenty of projects in waiting, staring me down and taking up space...

1. Quilt blocks for February. I'm thinking some kind of log cabin, square in a square.. maybe an economy block? I have all my fabric picked out, one of which is a large shirt from Old Navy (via Goodwill). I only have about two weeks- need this done by the morning of March first to exchange with my quilting block group!

2. Dog Bandana- "I woof you" heart print first. This is only a triangle, should go by quickly. I want this done by March 6 to take with me when the bf and I go look at dogs. I only need to make one (one large one, we're looking at mastiffs!) but with the extra fabric I'll probably make more to either give to the shelter, or to other friends with dogs. The fabric is washed.

3. St Patrick's day dog bandana- I couldn't help myself, we had a Irish and dog themed print. What a niche! I leave on the 16 of March. The fabric is unwashed but in the laundry pile.

4. Glittery vest refashion: I found an extra large, bright green sequined men's vest at Goodwill (picture attached). It's amazing. :p This project is started- the general plan is together, some of it's cut, I have snaps to sew in to the neck, loops turned to become.. more loops, and both a ribbon made and a ribbon purchased for lacing. All the hardest parts of sewing (namely, the loops) are still to come, plus some hand sewing which always takes me ages. I think I'm to print out a guide for the loops, it would annoy me to have them uneven. Also need this done by March 16 (unless I want to do some hand sewing on the plane).

5. March block of the month: my fabric choice! I picked some dang  pretty fabric if I say so myself. Just need to figure out what to match it with... March is a long month, I have until April 1st, but I'll be leaving for a few days at a time in March also.

Well, phew. Those are just the things with real deadlines. I have some flannel to be washed and made into pj pants that I want done soon- before March 6 would be ideal, and I want to use my friend's machine for the button holes on the waist- but I don't NEED to get them done really soon.
The things preventing me from getting this list checked off smoothly? Work, looking for more work, and school- I have midterms next week, so NO sewing until I'm done!

I'll also be traveling a bit and away from my sewing machine, but that also means I can get back to my knitting! I probably won't have anything done in time for the fair this year, unfortunately. But maybe if my fingers fly!

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