Thursday, November 14, 2013

socks, spindling, and sweet pups!

Started a new pair of socks! My socks last week.

My socks last night!
All my current projects bored me and I can't do much else on the queue as all my needles are still packed up somewhere. The yarn is self-patterning (Opal yarn, one of the "Antonia" ones) but it doesn't really "stack" and make blocks of color like I see in most patterning yarns. I think it's just my gauge. But I like the pink/orange/purple combo, even more than I thought I might.
They're plain because I thought a stitch pattern would get lost in the yarn. I am half making it up as I go (not following an exact pattern, but following established techniques for heels etc).

In other knittery news I picked up my drop spindle again for the first time in years!
It's more green in real life. Check out the wheel in the back!
I fell into it again pretty easily, and I was worried I wouldn't. I've had this roving for ages, I'm not even sure what's in it anymore. I started spinning it, making it fine at first, and then got lazy and made it thick.. haha. I'll figure out what I can do with that ball. Now that I'm trying it again, I've been trying hard to keep an even gauge. One of my knitter friends had a spinning day at her house.  She also has these adorable dogs, and is puppy sitting!
Look at this guy! He's a mini Australian Shepard.

And this is her puffball! A parody of cuteness.

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