Thursday, September 22, 2011

23 on the 23rd!

Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday to me! (and to my friend who shares a birthday and who is the only reason I am partying)!! I was feeling down about it earlier, but now it's here and I have so much to be proud of and to be grateful for.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Plastic Bag Paradox

I have reached a very strange point in my American life: For the first time ever, I have run out of plastic trash bags.

I am the only person I know to have this dilemma.

Luckily every single other person I know has WAY TOO MANY trash bags!

I got here two ways: by hardly ever using bags when I go to stores, by tossing any that had holes in them, and by living alone and having two small trash cans, both of which were sized for small bags. I'm particular about trash and dirt, therefore empty my bins fairly often instead of shoving more and more trash into them. My trash can is only a few steps from my front door, too.

I fold up my plastic bags so they take up less space and don't all fall out in a giant clump when I reach into a pile of them. I fold them like you might have folded paper footballs in school- several vertical folds, then rolling up at angles until you had a triangular packet. Does it take time? Yes. Is that time balanced by what I would waste if I have to shove a pile of trash bags back everytime I took one out, AND by replacing/doubling a bag whenever it leaks (plus washing out the bin)? Yes and yes!

On the other hand I pretty much never put my sewing stuff away properly and have boxes of fabric and tshirts- some that date going back years now- that I am just not getting rid of. Girl's gotta balance out.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Small Trends

Do you ever start hearing about something. a few mentions here and there, and then you forget about it- only to hear about it in full, as a big trend that's caught on with a lot of other people who DIDN'T forget like you did? Well, I suppose some things never get that much bigger. Right now in some blogs I've seen people making friendship bracelets. I know a few bloggers put together a group and swap but I wasn't interested then and I guess the swap went fine, though I didn't follow up on it. I wonder if the ladies (or men?) in the swap wore their bracelets or gave them to a younger set. They always seemed to have waves of popularity when I was in school- mostly because teachers tried to outlaw making bracelets in class. I'd often have one or two and wear them until they got grody. I had a few that were loose enough to slip on and off.
I'm working on one right now. Technically I have one I started a million years ago for a friend of mine- a guy who happens to be in to making and wearing friendship bracelets also!- but I never finished it because I wasn't really happy with it (and it was hard!). You can't just frog these like with knitting.
But unlike knitting it's only been a few hours (while reading blogs AND working on my assignment for Public Health Core) and I'm nearly done. Seesh!

But of course I am boring and pictureless. I AM buying a camera from a friend of mine when she comes up here in a few weeks- and it uses a normal memory card that my computer takes! Glory glory!

Here is a picture that's kind of a big deal:

I got my hair cut a month ago! It was kind of on a whim. I have more or less gotten used to it! :)

It doesn't really take less work than having long hair though. I don't have to plan the days I will wash my hair, but I have to wash it more often because it looks greasy so much faster. I don't have to pin it up but I will blow dry and straighten it in order to keep it looking nice and not like constant bedhead.