Sunday, February 16, 2014

Follow up to sewing plan!

Yesterday I posted all my sewing projects with deadlines for the next month or so. I realized I wanted to add something, which unfortunately is going to be pretty quick with the deadline, but should be pretty straightforward. I have these large foam blocks and water resistant PUL material I originally bought to make floor cushions. I no longer have the floor space or living room set up for floor cushions, but I've got the blocks. They might work as headrest/spacers for my bed- I do a lot of reading sitting up in bed, and the mattress pushes against the outlet that the bedside lamps are plugged into, causing them to flicker.
I might want to add a zipper for the PUL casing, which is the only part of this sewing plan I think I'll find challenging- partly because I don't have long enough zippers in my stash!

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