Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New phone: new posts?

Got me a fancy new phone and hoping it will make updating much easier! My poor long suffering laptop crawls along nowadays and the battery can't be trusted.

The Blogger app could hardly be trusted still the last time I was using it on my phone.  It seems the app will still only allow one picture per post. Lame,  but I talk too much anyways and maybe this way I'll have to make lots of posts!
In knitting news, I finished my "Zombie BBQ" socks (that was the name of the colorway) and the idea I had to rib the instep actually seems to be working pretty well! It's helping to keep the socks on my feet and not slip around in my shoes. I haven't worn them enough to see if they'll stretch out, though. I kind of want to reserve them until I can enter them in the fair next year,  but I don't think I can hold out that long,  and I think they'll look awkward unless displayed on blockers.
Fittingly,  I started these socks on a trip to Montana and I finished them on another trip there! It only took... oh,  half a year.
I'll add a link to the Ravelry page soon.

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