Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Things I am working on:

1. Getting a second job. This has made progress, and I have an interview Friday afternoon! For another place in town. It's still part time, but almost full time- from 9 to 4 Monday to Friday. SO that kind of blows, but it pays better and will be so much easier than my busser job. I am still deciding if I want to keep working at the restaurant and how much I want to do so. I can make both, but a day would be from 9 to 4 and then walk to next job (eat while I walk?) from 5 to close, usually around 11 or midnight.

2. The big blue and green quilt. Stalled because 1st I wanted to work on dress patterns and then I am just stalled. The last two days, I've had work, before that parties and tired and I can only squeeze in sewing time after 10 pm until it gets too noisy.

3. Stop stressing out. Hard when I have a lot to stress out over, in that poor post college kid way! I was freaking out about my roommate and all her crap still lying around for WEEKS now. Seriously. Three to five weeks. I can't deal. My boyfriend thinks it won't help any to freak out, she'll just "look down on me" but I am about to go freaking crazy. Okay. I can't even start talking about it again. phew.

4. Dresses! I have the muslin for the Simplicity junior halter pinned and marked after first fitting but not refitted. I have the fabric for it! Did myself a small indulgence and bought a few fabric clearance items plus notions and thread. It was from, which gives free shipping over $35, and I spent $37 and change. Not bad if you figure I probably would have dropped at least $20 on a NICE dress that fit me. The fabric for the dress is royal blue poly satin, and it -is- a bit cheap feeling, but as long as no one touches my dress or peers too closely at my clothing I think it'll be fine. I am a little scared of how much it'll pucker in the machine!

5. Grad school. Sent email reminders to professors around May 18. No response from one, JUST got a response today from the other saying he'll get it in the mail... ugh. But maybe I'll still get into LaSalle. That was not my first choice, though.

In other news there was a super cute little Asian or hapa girl at the restaurant (I think her name is Avery), I am pretty sure she's been there before, and a TINY two week old baby girl. Named Emory and seriously TINY.



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