Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's been rainy and I've been sewing!

I've been scheduling a couple of hours of sewing after Dan goes to work and before I decide that it's really late and I ought to sleep. I haven't made sleeping early that much of a priority this week, since I don't have anything planned for the daytime- good thing too since it's been so rainy- until Commencement on Friday. And that doesn't really involve any effort on my part, just watching and cheering! It may be rainy, so I might be watching it on a screen in a room somewhere other than the auditorium/gym, unfortunately (I didn't ask for tickets from my friends, since that should go to their families). Friday night there's a party.
On to the sewing! Also, a blog I read- way more popular than mine and for good reason- is Adventures in Dressmaking, who is hosting a giveaway! So if you've stumbled on my blog somehow go check that out:

So far, after unearthing the Simplicity Juniors pattern that I made once in high school- just the tissue, no instructions or pattern envelope- and tracing that pattern onto the back of gift wrapping paper, I've made a muslin from part of an old bedsheet. This bedsheet has been used up for scraps, once to strain chicken broth, and once made into an entirely different dress- that I loved, but only managed to wear once and grew out of. It was tight even then, and had been hacked together from a pattern that was MUCH too large for me.

And yet.. it fits! I'm not the size that it says a Junior 9/10 is, and while it has ease it's kind of weird how well it looks like this is going to fit. The only problem? The bust is HUGE. comically huge. Dan said it looked like something his mom might wear. Note that his mom had and nursed four children. We don't have the same body. She is a very lovely woman but she is not a Junior size 9/10! What's funny is the bodice back seems like a totally normal fit, from side seam to center back. So Simplicity was planning on teenage girls with melon-ball implants, or something!

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