Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today was a varied internet day.

I stayed inside again all day today, even though the sun was strong and shining and I really did consider going outside.. maybe finding that park again and bringing the jump rope I just bought. But since I woke up past 1 PM, I felt sort of lethargic much of the day and then it was time to cook dinner. Haha! Excuses! and it's still nice outside, but I have to watch the kitchen to make sure the cats don't eat the food and Dan should be awake soon. 
Today I was on the internet a bunch and read through a lot of sewing blogs, many new to me found through old favorites. I am really into sewing some clothes but, for someone who has so much time in the day, I don't seem to find the right times to sew. The only solution I can really think of is to move my whole sewing table out to the living room. I think this would be a big mess- and the cats!! So it's not really a solution. However, Dan is asleep during the day so I can't sew then and by the time he leaves, I'm usually not up to do any sewing right away, then I get worried that it's too late and the neighbors will be kept awake- especially with less background noise to drown out the machine. But! The other day Dan wandered in to ask what I was doing and said he couldn't hear the machine in the living room at all, so I might try it tonight.
I have a few patterns printed out from Burdastyle online and I unearthed the first commercial pattern (and to date, the only commercial pattern that fit) I ever used, to make a dress to wear on stage for my school's talent show. I wanted to sing Minnie the Moocher and vintage fashion was limited to rockabilly and swing cultures, expensive custom or vintage dresses online that my mother wouldn't have ever let me spring for, and of course, home sewists! I don't have that dress any more (to be honest, I didn't even do a great job and the fabric was some smooth but itchy stuff probably better reserved for curtains), but I found out I still have the pattern- Simplicity 4560. Unfortunately it's a Junior size pattern up to a size 9/10, and while I probably would have fit the Junior size 14 it's going to need some work. I think I can do it though!
I was also inspired by seeing the Givenchy couture Spring 2011 and Philosophy Spring 2011 collections (here: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/S2011RTW-PHILOSOP). Very Asian influences.
And I spent several hours reading about what it's like have a baby with a tracheotomy, as well as packing up your whole life only to unexpectedly pack it back again: http://trachties.blogspot.com/
I am also digging the idea of a scallop hem skirt, as well as sewing my own sun hat and a raincoat made of Tula Pink's large raindrop print laminate from her new Prince Charming line, and making little handles or a small pocketed potholder for our new cast iron pan.

Speaking of which! Dan and I walked to the hardware store in Ambler (it's adorably old fashioned) and Dan bought one. I used it for the first time today- the first time I've ever used a cast iron pan- and so far so good! I am excited. It's also the only pan we have now that is safe to go in the oven. So many recipes I put off because you had to go from stovetop to oven.. now I can do! I just can't remember any of them. Haha!

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