Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cough cough quitling

I seem to battling bronchitis (self diagnosed from WebMD). On the downside it means I probably have another week or two of coughing, and these things are usually viral. On the plus side I can stop gargling salt water and I have the hope it will be gone in a few weeks (no insurance and no doctor!). But I have work tonight- if it's not busy I can probably go home early! and yet.. I could use the money.

Anyways I am putting all that worrying aside and doing two things today: cleaning up the kitchen, and studying for my last exam tomorrow. And reading quilt blogs. I pulled out my giant blue and green quilt that I started last year, and have been sewing in little stretches when Dan isn't asleep or I don't think it's too late to sew. This doesn't happen often, but I have found time here and there. I'm pretty bored of the patchwork stage right now, which is too bad since I know piecing is my favorite part of quilting. Also, not being able to decide on a single fabric for the back (and knowing it wouldn't fit in my machine), I have a variety of skinny 1/4 yards that will make up the back. I think I'll have to cut up the batting and quilt rows of the patched squares onto the skinny yards, then attach those to each other. This might be cost-beneficial since 2 smaller packages of batting costs less than one large one (like, two twin size sheets are usually less than one king). My other problem, which I haven't really faced, is that the squares are larger than the skinny quarters. It will take some creative wrangling!

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