Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keeping up!

I'm hardly keeping up with this blog, and I feel like I've got to work on keeping up with life! But I like this slightly busy feeling of having things to do. Last week I had worked a bunch, came home late Friday, and yet on Saturday.. I found myself wishing I had work or plans. I went to my friend's place and had a good, chill time.

Speaking of work: I got that second job! I am really enjoying it, and I smell like cookies when I leave. So far I think I am doing pretty well. However, since the girl I am replacing doesn't have her new job for sure yet, both of us are working until she does. Which means it goes a bit faster, (which means less hours) or in this week's case- I was scheduled for Monday and Tuesday and she had the rest of the week. I came in for extra help on Wednesday, then got cut early from my busser job that Wednesday night. I had some stuff to deal with at home, or I might have stayed.

And: I got into LaSalle! So my yarn diet is officially over, but since I have nothing planned to make (other than a giant blanket.. to add to all my other blankets..) I'm still mostly looking at fabric. I'm sure I'll be obsessed with yarn all over again soon, especially when it gets colder.

I registered to attend an open house, but the next one isn't until the middle of July. LaSalle might be a bit harder to get to than USP, on the train anyways- it's closer than the City.

I haven't been sewing much with these two jobs and being tired on the weekends. I did make a boxy pouch using this tutorial: (is it weird how popular that tutorial seems, but the blogger hasn't posted there since the tutorial went up.. in 2007?!) and I am impressed with myself! Even Dan said he thought it looked very professional. I gave it to him to corral all the little attachments for his beard trimmer. Even though the base of the trimmer has slots to put the attachments into... none of them fit and there are more attachments and accessories than there are slots. I also made him a little square tray to hold change.

I still can't find my camera cords and have yet to buy a new one for my ages-old camera, so no pictures.. worst blogger ever.

Currently on hold are the halter dress from the junior pattern (I'm really close on the bodice now, but seriously: next time just cut the smaller size! geeze!) and the big blue quilt. Part of why I am waiting is because I hope to be packing up my sewing machine soon in order to move out! I'm just waiting to hear back from a woman with a little cottage in her backyard!

If I get the cottage, there will be pictures.

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