Thursday, March 31, 2011

Balance! Find the good in things.

Bad thing: I thought I would call LaSalle about their admissions process and mailing my recommendations in, then finish my emails to my professors and bosses and send that out, but they apparently ALL leave at 4:30pm.
Good thing about that: I learned my lesson?

Bad thing: More like a minor inconvenience, had to take the several shuttle buses and waited a while in the cold for the small shuttle.
Good thing: I had a covered bus stop to wait under, I was well dressed for the weather (good water resistant coat and shoes, I mean), and I talked to the bus driver about jazz. He was listening to Freddie Hubbard. He dropped me off in front of my house! saving me a several-block walk! and he told me, if I could tell them ahead of time, they could pick me up in front of my house! Though Dan drives me in the morning.. but it's very good to know. and kind of them.
Also, I finished my book! that took about.. two days. It was "The Stupidest Angel" by Christopher Moore. I read his "Fool" and really liked it so I've gotten a stack out from the library. His humor reminds me of Terry Pratchett. I prefer Pratchett, but Moore holds his own.
I wanted a more lighthearted book after finishing Alice Munroe's "Too Much Happiness".

Bad thing: Need some kind of closing sentence on one of my essays.
Good thing: I think I wrote decent essays... I sure hope so.

Bad thing: I've procrastinated.
Good thing: I have a clearer plan.


Good things!
I am trying out a new recipe I found online for the slow cooker- a take on chicken korma. We will see how it turns out... It says to mix in yogurt or sour cream though, and we have neither, so I'm about to head over to the CVS next door and see what they have. We have some neufchatel but I don't think it will mix in well and the last thing I want is clumpy cheese sauce XP That is not a happy face, it is more of a "bleagh" face like the Poison Control Center logo. Tricky Philadelphia brand just labels neufchatel as lower fat, but doesn't actually say cream cheese- it says neufchatel in little letters in a corner- are people really so clueless/brand-oriented/distrusting of words that aren't so easy to pronounce?
Update: It wasn't so good.. it was runny and we've decided neither of us really likes cloves. Cloves remind Dan of his grandmother's bedroom! I just thought it was too strong- I'm inexperienced with cloves. I actually liked the sour cream and spicy curry-like mixture on my rice, though, which surprised me. I'd cut down on the potato, possibly amp up the chicken if I could, and cook the onions down separately, in a pan. By the time it was ready Dan and I were pretty hungry so that probably helped! He took some to work (minus sour cream) and said it didn't reheat well.

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