Friday, April 1, 2011

I do miss the food.

A picture of a Canadian lobster we had in a restaurant in a mall in Thailand. It actually didn't have a lot of meat on it/ in it, which may have been why it was such a good deal!
Dan wanted to know if I had plans this weekend, if I want to go out and do something.. He even offered dinner or a movie! Isn't that sweet? But I still don't have a job and so I feel kind of bad or frivolous. But if he wants to do something, then of course I won't stop him from taking me out! haha!
And I have been stuck in the house so much after all. It's also been really rainy this week. Dan was moved to second shift so he's been home in the morning, which is pretty cool. But next week, back to third. And, it meant he didn't get a free Friday!
I got my first two apps out- LaSalle and USP. The online portions, anyways. Now I just have to print out forms for my recommenders and my resume to send in to the schools. I plan to do that Monday, although I emailed them all and Michelle is out of town until the 10th and two haven't responded. I think I will be all right though!

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