Friday, March 11, 2011

Application Fee drama

Drexel app fee: $115 using SOPHAS. For a fee waiver I need to submit a tax return. I didn't last year so this year I have to file. Luckily Drexel's app is rolling. I considered applying to GWU mostly because it's a good school, not far away, and it's only $40 more to file another app with SOPHAS. But now I might cut GWU out- they have eliminated spring entry so I need to file by April 15 or wait until September to apply for fall 2012. I want to be in school before that. I could have gotten a fee waiver if I still lived in Cambodia, but that would not be worth it.
To file a tax return I need a W2 from Arcadia that I never got. I've emailed Arcadia. I might need to pick it up.
By the time I get a tax return I would hope I have a job and a paycheck and be able to afford the application fee.

Temple app fee: $60 online. I've passed the Fall 2011 deadline but I got an email saying they were unofficially rolling. Also they have spring entry: August 15 deadline.

LaSalle: rolling, and free.

USP: Online, free, Fall admission by April 15.

*deep breath* This statement of purpose/personal statement is the hardest. It's difficult to write about how awesome you are when you aren't feeling awesome.

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