Monday, March 28, 2011

Swap-bot answers

I'm on which is a website about swapping stuff in the mail, although there are also email swaps. I signed up for a bunch of 'random questionnaire' swaps since I think postage is a bit of a splurge for me right now and they usually let in newbies, so I thought I'd up my rating. Most of the answers were pretty forgettable  but I wanted to post some of the ones I liked:

From a woman in Denmark:
15.Tell me an inside joke. Feel free to skip right to the punch line and leave out explanations Sorry,it`s in danish...hva` det? Det er sgu da en panda bjørn!

From a woman living in New Zealand:
60. Do you believe in a soul mate?
No, that is an excuse for people to wriggle out of a relationship without working on it. "It didn't work out because he wasn't my real soul mate" when really "It didn't work out because I was a complete cow".

76.What do you think is the best place in this world for a honeymoon?
 I had it, at home. We told everyone we had left town but stayed, it was fantastic, no interuptions. We went to some of the best restaurants, went to places we had always meant to go and didn't answer the phone once.
 Also, I noticed a lot of people say one of their pet peeves/something that annoys them is people who chew with their mouth open and makes lots of mouth-noises or eating noise. I agree, but I also want to ask all those people: are you always certain you do not make noise yourself? I think a lot of people aren't aware of it. I think they just don't keep it in mind.

This week has been okay, not much really happened. One of my professors has been pregnant, and she was unexpectedly induced! so one of my classes was canceled. It's canceled tomorrow too. I had a job interview which I was really excited for, but when I got there she had already left and she wasn't answering her phone! So I guess no job for me.. I am really surprised she wouldn't answer my calls. I did make a little spending-splurge and go into the city for Scrapplefest and to hang out a bit. I saw my friend Jenn which was nice but I'm afraid that my friends don't want to hang out with me as much as before. It might be due to me not hiding the fact that I didn't much care for one of their new friends (which they said they weren't particularly surprised at), and I am further away and such.
Mostly I am just really concentrating on getting a job and finishing a few applications that I'm terribly late on. I think I am going to apply to USP and LaSalle (because their apps are free) and if I don't get into either I will apply to Temple and Drexel.. I think that the last two might be more prestigious but I have nothing against the first two, and Drexel's app is SUPER EXPENSIVE. Temple's is moderately expensive and I have no income right now. I missed the Temple-Fall 2011 deadline anyways so I wouldn't start until Spring, while Drexel's is rolling. I hate app fees- it's like paying a cover charge, that might not work. I am paying this school for the priveledge of having you read my app? I could spend almost $200 just to get two rejection letters? I think not.

This is yet another break from writing my statement of purpose.. that has been the hardest part. I was feeling really down a few weeks ago and, like I said,  it's so hard to write about how awesome you are when you just plain aren't feeling awesome. But I feel better! Haha!

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