Sunday, March 13, 2011


Roommate is cleaning up her crap, & it's unfair how excited I am. haha :) I hope she gets all of it though... I think she finished way too soon...

I just told another friend of ours about it though but I also said, if it comes down to it, I wouldn't discourage you living with her. I don't want to just be going around talking smack on this girl and spreading her (however deserved) reputation for being an inconsiderate slob. Maybe she'd make a great roommate for someone who.. wasn't like me.

Also I have learned: When you are a redheaded white girl and you wear a very short black sweaterdress with pinkish tights and black flats, and your roommate at first glance says you aren't wearing pants, and then you look in the mirror and can see what she means, perhaps it is immodest for you to continue the illusion that you are NOT WEARING PANTS.

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