Monday, January 31, 2011

Make a little list, get down tonight.

1. Realized my time zone was still set to Phnom Penh. When corrected, was happy to see it corrected the past posts that were made just now. Then realized the posts made in Cambodia will also be updated to a wrong time. Possibly okay with it.

2. Am trying really hard to not cave and buy yarn, especially because I know now that a little bit of money is coming my way. I also know that nearly all of it is needed to pay for my two (slightly needless) classes at Temple. And I don't have a job yet. No frivolous purchases until a paycheck is deposited.
2a. But yarn makes me happy, so it's hard to call this frivolous.
2b. But it's okay, I have some sock yarn, and even an UFO- second sock syndrome!!- and some other crafts. And most importantly I have roving I could spin.
2c. Wait, I'll just make a 3.

3. I want to send a little care package to my friend in London because I didn't really get such things sent to me when I was abroad (but Asia is far and Cambodia is unreliable and my parents actually just came to see me in New Zealand). She asked for yarn and boxed mac+cheese. She will understand on the yarn suppression- there's no way I'm going to be able to NOT buy myself something, or buy something for her and then keep some of it, if I start buying yarn. I will send her a skein of sock yarn. Maybe even some handspun. Maybe one of our other friends will buy her yarn. It will be okay.
3a. I just realized I did get something from Rachel's mom once, and it was really cute. It was M&M socks and some candy I didn't actually like but that's not her fault. And I think I got it in NZ.

4. I have to pay: for school, for rent, for food; and for college application fees, then for other household things (like dishwashing soap, if it comes up, which it hasn't yet, but as much as I love Method it is just NOT staying sudsy on my sponge, and I'm going through it really fast), and social stuff and transportation (going out with friends- snowboarding this weekend!!, taking the train).
4a. I hate that college apps have a fee. it's like a cover for a bar. Which I always avoid- unless there's like a special band or DJ, cause they have to pay the guy. But in general I try not to mind it. Sometimes they are REALLY high though. Like more than $50US. That is a lot to me.

5. One of my professors responded and said he'd be glad to write me a letter of rec! I'm so happy. Better get all that sorted out now. Only one school has a really pressing deadline- Feb15, TWO WEEKS eep- but even that school is "unofficially rolling". The others are April or rolling, but I really shouldn't put it off. When I am done with this semester, I might also be able to get letters from my two current professors. So I guess that will be needed if I don't get in anywhere and have to reapply?

6. Although I was glad my classes got canceled due to the weather last Thursday, I am not hoping for the same tomorrow (today). I have a lot of stuff to print, for one thing, and I don't want us to be terribly off schedule, and if I'm about to pay several thousand dollars, more than $100 dollars a class, then I want all of them. Thursday I lucked out, because the night before my AM professor said she was cancelling. Then, we were IN the car ready to go, when my boyfriend came back with both of our phones- and my phone happened to be open to the email screen- and my second professor had cancelled. Phew. Saved me a LOT of trouble, really.
6a. Spell check is telling me "cancelled" is incorrect- with two 'l's I suppose- but I am sticking with it.

7. I'm not getting my sewing machine back until I finish the GRE (Feb 18).

8. No other craft purchase until I get an acceptance letter. Needles and crochet hooks are ok. No roving. No fabric, even. I am limited to yarn, and finishing my quilt, which will I think only require thread and batting. I should really have enough to piece a backing, and I don't think I'll go any bigger.

9. I haven't even finished ONE of my two practice books or taken a practice computer test. I'm so behind on this GRE mess.

10. There is an AF recruiter right by where I have my class on Main Campus, which is very convenient. However I don't think I'll be contacting him until after the GRE- one thing at a time!!

11. This is getting to be a long post. And it's pretty boring. Sorry! Tomorrow there will be pretty pictures, I promise. my pretty-picture-promise. I'll even start a Wordless Wednesday. Maybe I'll continue with Throwback Thursday and Silent Sunday and Taciturn Tuesday and Shy Saturday. But today is Monday (it was when I started writing) and so wordy it is.

12. I'm grateful to have love in my life.

13. My parents are going to be in China until the 8. Wow!

14. My boyfriend is hot, and I am reminding myself not to hurt him with my jealousy. He forgot his backpack today, so no charger, no premade dinner, no book to read. Poor him :( The weather better not snow him in, he doesn't deserve it.

15. I better get to sleep. It's been completely wonky this weekend.

16. -Claudia  :P

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