Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vitamin C Tablets

I have to admit I already predict many of my posts will be very short like the last one, because I'm not yet at the level of "consistently write a long post" and I have decided against "erratically write a long post" in favor of "erractically, but more consistently and more often, write a short post".

I've decided to take the Vitamin C tablets my mother bought from France and gave to me before I left for Cambodia. She had given me a few that I took before I left, the couple of days I was in Nevada, and then I took what was left of those when I came to Phnom Penh but when that ran out I didn't start the new tube (I almost wrote new pack, but that sounded too much like birth control- which you don't need a prescription for here and I just bought six packs today of name-brand for US$66, just like that).
But I decided to take them now because I've been traveling a lot, will do more this month and probably interact with a lot of people. And because I have them. The ones I have fizz when you drop them in water, but I really didn't like drinking the fizz water for long- eventually the fizz wears off so you've just got tart chalky orange acid-water. So I've been chewing them and quickly drinking water- except just now I've had some orange tasting burps and realized they are left to fizz in my stomach. Well, one way to feel full I guess! Haha.
Today I met the guy behind this site:
who is just starting this up and looking for other people to write in it to have more voices. Now that my brother is more serious about coming here he should do restaurant reviews with my dad.
At lunch I ate with my Dad and Captain Win, just back from Burma. We went to an Italian place (Luna D’autunno, I'm almost completely sure) my dad knows fairly well, and I love Italian. When my dad walked in he greeted the owner, sitting at a table and smoking (of course! It proves he's European) and smiling broadly. My dad vaguely asked for a dish he had before and the man promised him his swordfish carpaccio (which I saw as seabass on the menu). I like the carpaccio and the pizza (something with sausage and green peas- yes green peas) that I ordered, but the seafood tagliatelle and the marinated pork shoulder + sausage  (the day's sepcial) we didn't finish. Something smelled really strange, and we thought maybe it was the mussels in the first dish, but the smells of both combined to be rather unpleasant. Like particularly unpleasant BO. I made up for it by picking a dessert because I didn't know what it was and the waitress didn't know it enough to explain (it was called Sabayon Marsala, and turns out to be a zabaglione) and it was delicious, but I had ran out of water and didn't feel like a whole new bottle. It came a little late, but it was warm, and I'd go to this restaurant again and order all completely different dishes. I would pick things that hopefully wouldn't have clashing odors.
The owner was very nice. Apparently he and his wife came here from Italy, opened a restaurant or two, divorced, remarried Cambodians, and still run the business together amicably.
How sweet! or how strange!

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