Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm not lucky enough to have it, be working with it, or eating it. I just want to point something out:
It is spelled Mascarpone.

Why does this chef on the Food network insist on calling Marscapone?
I would be the first person to sympathize with someone mispronouncing something in English, or any other language, or something transcribed from another language into English. It gets tricky. I pronounced "drawer" wrong for years. Mostly I just avoided saying it, and I still do, because I can't remember which one is wrong and which one is the mispronunciation. If I think about it for some time, I can remember that a "drawer" rhymes with "oar" like for a boat, and not "draw-er" as in someone who draws, with an "er" at the end.

But I get extra confused when things are pronounced in ways they are not spelled. I can tell myself in French that everything is sort of willy-nilly and just drop off consonants and mumble and your pronunciation is probably great. When it comes to English I get too nitpicky.


  1. Yes! but you think there would be.. I don't know, a script editor, a camera jockey, someone involved in his Food Network TV show- to correct him.