Monday, January 31, 2011

Cong Zhi Fa Chai

Or so my Dad says in his email to me. I only splurged a little to get a phone with email, and it was worth it. Actually, it was hardly a splurge, more like a really good deal.
So I haven't had the pleasure of celebrating Chinese New Year with my family- or even any Chinese people- in a long time. Which makes me sad for a lot of reasons- the main ones being I don't get any awesome food, I don't get lucky red envelopes with money, and I don't get to catch up with my super cool cousins (seriously, they are all way cooler than me).
Unfortunately, I still feel bound by tradition and superstition to clean the house thoroughly before Chinese New Year, even if we won't have anyone over for it. Then no cleaning for all of the New Year. But I'll make a bit of a bend here, as I have for the past four years living with college roommates. Plus, the trash needs to be taken out Tuesday night. Usually this is girl-roommate Steph's job, although she forgot last week. She brought home a new cat, and Dan said perhaps she was busy with cat-diplomacy between new cat (who I have named Earthworm, even though that is not her name) and old cat (Nell, the fluffy dander-y walking sweater of allergies).
Yesterday the living room got vaccuumed because company was coming over; I mopped the kitchen over the weekend. I didn't mop the bathroom because new cat had to have a litterbox in there for a while. We don't have a broom, only a dustpan-sweep thing (shovel is trowel as broom is to dustpan-sweep thing), so I wasn't about to squat down with my face near the cat poop and have to breathe that in. I've never had pet cats before. New cat seems to love me and Dan though. We let her in our room a little, just to wander a bit and then get her out. Nelle is too fuzzy and will get herself in weird spots and hide.
She only likes me because I'm home all the time. Right now she is even warming up my lap and occassionally nudging my hand and making it hard to type.

I'm supposed to be writing an essay about "What is Nutrition". I take the GRE in about two and a half weeks (not excited). I did get a response from one of my professors who agreed to write me a letter of recommendation. Yay! Nothing from other professor, or old bosses- but I worry that the mail got blocked. Hope not. I'm applying to four schools, two goal schools and two settles (but they are all good programs). On of the goal schools has a deadline in two weeks- actually sooner than I take the GRE- but an unofficially rolling deadline so they will review my application when the scores come in.
And damn! I need a job.


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