Thursday, October 4, 2012

Orchid Show Part 1 of 3

In many parts of Southeast Asia, when the New Year is celebrated, statues of the Buddha are "cleaned" for the new year. Sometimes they are taken from their usual place at the altar and paraded in the town. You can find places that will place a Buddha statue and water to pour on the statue for good merit around town. Here we are in JJ Mall (near Jatujak market).

Some neat, salt-dipped corn from outside JJ mall.

A very fragant bouquet of jasmine we bought on the road to the Orchid show

This was a sweet arch of orchids near the entrance. The Orchid show was apparently smaller than some years past, but there were hundreds of varieties. There was also judging and food being sold.

Creamy, cloudy orchids. Most of the signs were written in Thai so I couldn't identify them for you.

Tiny Cacti in Tiny Pots!

not toooooo sure about this one

This was a lovely walkway. The day sure was hot and humid.

Cool ghostly orchids- about an inch across

Weird leaves!

I love sunlight coming through leaves... I've seen some very pretty yarns dyed that remind me of this.

I like orchids with freckles : D

This orange-coral color would be very flattering as a silk dress...

One of my aunts, standing next to a spray of tiny orchids

Whoops, this one got flipped. I like plants that have this fuzzy, smokey look from far away.

A veiny pinstripe orchid!

Interesting "planters".

A weird plant that made me think of eyeballs!

Some wild fronds

A very pretty picnic gazebo from a company that manufactured furniture that turned into other furniture- the benches folded in to become stools. or flat with the table. I can't recall. I have some video of a chair becoming a bench.

Weird modular leaves!!

Like snakes from the sky!

Actually they were pencil thin (pencil roving thin). I liked the lighter green tips. And their overall shape, of course.

Lots more pictures of flowers (plus inane commentary!) ahead!

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