Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First of the Asia Pictures

I'm playing some crazy catch up! I couldn't post from Asia (well, not without dedicating large parts of my day to blogging, which I didn't want to do at the time), but I don't really have an excuse for not sharing any pictures for months after. So I'm starting chronologically, just posting a few at a time. 

I flew to Asia with my mom at the beginning of April. We flew Korean Air, and since our layover was long (more than like 12 hours or something is the requirement) we got a free hotel stay in Seoul. You get one on one leg of the trip but you don't get it on the return.
I believe the hotel was the Hyatt Incheon.. I unfortunately can't remember, it was a hotel like any hotel. It was pretty quiet seeming the whole time we were there, and I think it caters to the airport. In our nice hotel room, I was tickled to see that the phone had my mom's name on it!

Breakfast was lovely and out of all the food we had it may have been the better of the brunches. The lunch buffet made an effort but the quality was in the breakfast. There was some variety, too- congee, omelets, the usual some-Asian-things, some-Western-things. I really liked this jam and cream set- the jars were itty bitty!!

I used the pool, not because I can swim at all well, but because I wanted to MOVE my limbs and relax, but I didn't have shoes for the gym. 219 happens to be my weird lucky number!
The pool was big, with long lanes, and I lazily floated back and forth. There was also a sauna, and a hot pool- like a hot spring set up. There were also some things I didn't really understand how to use, but I did know you're not supposed to have your clothes (even your bathing suit!) on in the hot spring. It's considered that if you're still wearing clothing, you didn't wash underneath. There was an old Korean woman naked when I got in, but later, after she left, another woman (not Korean) was looking around at the facility and seemed a little shocked by me. Sorry lady! But we're both ladies!

I snapped this in the 7-11 in Thailand. It's a fancy sleeve over a normal box of Ritz crackers. They're not really a "special" treat- they're available at megamarts and obviously 7-11- but maybe Ritz are good for New  Year  because, being round and yellow, they are like gold coins? Maybe there is a connection between Ritz Crackers and the Ritz Carlton? Asia is fun.

Touching the Sense of Japan tasted slightly floral, sweet,  but unremarkable. I could hardly taste green tea in New Style Green Tea, but I bought it partly because it came with a freebie:

Aw, thanks Mirai New Style Green Tea Sakura Flavor! I could use some Good LucK for Love. 
Inside was an adorable (though cheap) rabbit phone fob.

In a mall (one of the Centrals, I believe- note that in Thai this is pronounced more like "Centrrrron") there was some kind of video game expo that looked massively boring. Not because I think video games are boring- I was so intrigued- but because nothing was happening and everyone was just standing around looking at nothing. It seemed unorganized.

Malls in Bangkok LOVE MOVIE THEATERS. They have huge ones, and will show all sorts of movies on giant IMAX screens in 3D, even if they aren't big names like Titanic or swooshing action films. This Titanic promo let you walk up on to the deck!
I joked that I didn't understand Titanic in 4D. If the theater didn't break in half, fill with water, and my date didn't drown, I'd be disappointed.

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