Friday, June 17, 2011

Itty Bitty Ambler

My friend Matt (@vintagecoats on Twitter) said that would be a good name for a band, Itty Bitty Ambler. Sometimes I worry about posting my location online. I'm not telling you my address, but like the band name, Ambler is itty bitty. It's got some nice character to it though and on it's main-street-and-a-half it has an interesting assortment of shops. Working for two of them, I have heard that Ambler isn't particularly helpful to its small businesses. While I thought that having flowers planted and some events and things like a facebook page was helpful, I could see room for lots of improvements, like allowing better looking signs for out-of-the-way places and updating the bulletins.

I call it main-and-a-half because we have a main street that leads to the train station, and then an actual "Main St" running perpendicular- but it's a lot shorter and smaller.

I found my now favorite pizza in Ambler, Volare Pizzaria and I have to exercise some restraint to not go there for every and any meal opportunity. This week is hard, since I just learned about it and my messy terrible roommate had guests over last night- and now she'll be more or less away all weekend. SO the kitchen is a disaster area that's slowly becoming a biohazard. In fact, Dan and I went to Volare a few nights ago and split a pizza mostly because of her in the kitchen. It was nice- I had gotten cut from work very early, we had been fighting but made up, and it was a nice summery night. We saw fireflies on the way back!

Rosey's BBQ should be opening another branch in Ambler soon, and I'm excited to try it. It's a bit behind schedule on the opening so any day now.
On Craigslist I saw a posting for a thrift store opening up here! And yet, it wasn't a particularly good looking or professional advertisement of their company- no pictures, grammar was a bit lacking- and it's supposed to open in a few weeks (unless there is a delay, which they admitted to in their ad). I've known about Rosey's BBQ for almost three months. This thrift store may be a great cheap resource, one of those strange consignment shops, or it may never quite work out. I am so into the idea of thrift- and more places I can walk to- but a prevalence of thrift stores often doesn't say the best things about the economy of an area.

Also on Craigslist I found 22 new shot glasses for sale ( I think I am going to get them soon) and someone offering for free a framed painting of James Bond (Connery Bond). Exactly what Craigslist is for! If I get the cottage I'm hoping for, I will ask if the Bond painting is still up for grabs. Why not? There's also a free shelving unit but that will probably be taken soon. There are a handful of yard sales this Saturday, so I plan to scour those a bit!

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