Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm getting my cottage!!

I talked with my now-landlords yesterday right before I went to work. They'd like to offer me the cottage!!! I am so excited, guys. I know it'll be a lot more money than I'm used to paying, but I think I will be okay.
The good news had me in a really good mood yesterday, which helped me through work (and fewer hours of sleep than I am used to) although by the end of the night I was pretty tired. I hadn't eaten since around 3 in the afternoon & I didn't clock out until after midnight. Dan and I fought a bit when I got home, he's working with his other fun-job this weekend and so he's not sleeping much either. He didn't have a great day at the job, but it was kind of hard for me to understand, mostly because I was tired from  my own suck job, and I was surprised how much he was complaining- I'm used to him just stepping up to the plate and making the best of it. I'll admit I'm also jealous, and worried, but that's a bit more than I should probably share here.
Today I'll get my restaurant schedule for the coming week and we'll see what is going on with the Flour Pot- unfortunately I am still working shorter hours, but that's because the girl I am replacing is still there (which isn't bad, really, because I still feel like I am learning)- I should make enough though. This little cottage is going to remain fairly unfurnished for a while, though.  The landlords are being kind and just starting the lease at July 1st even though they are letting me move in a little early. There's a woman and an older guy, who apparently was a biophysicist and electrical engineer and holds three degrees. So talking to him will be interesting.

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