Sunday, March 18, 2012

the view

Just some beautiful mountains on my drive home.. It was supposed to rain all day today and we canceled our trip to Zion National Park, but it only rained yesterday! Today was very windy and blustery though. Sometimes I felt the car being pushed by the wind. I went to the temple where they were selling food and the wind made everyone cold, the turnout wasn't good. We keep a tarp over our pool stuck down with some stakes in the ground, bricks, and bags of rocks. Unfortunately the wind gets so high it lifts up the tarp and is strong enough to take the stakes out of the ground and the bags with it! So now we have to clean out the rocks from the pool before we can paint it and put water in it. First World Problems.

I know when to turn on to the road for my house because of the giant American flag. That and the McDonald's- I guess that's pretty American, too!

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