Saturday, March 24, 2012

Started today, finished today

Today, after finishing the wonderful Stephen Fry's very intimate "The Fry Chronicles"- I can hardly leave a normal review, Stephen Fry just makes me feel better about life- I started and finished  "From The Memoirs Of a Non-Enemy Combatant"  by Alex Gilvarry.

As I went through it, the book felt sort of unorganized, but I wasn't particularly frustrated by that. The main character, after all, is an innocent- even naive- start up immigrant fashion designer who becomes a patsy for a terrorist. It lands him in Gitmo and the book is presented with his confessional. I would say this is a good book for most people: you have enough morals to feel for the main character, but you might not be so informed of the political situation referenced in the book to read a non-fiction book about it.

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