Monday, February 27, 2012

New specs

New specs! Also I've gotten good at pinning up my short hair.
New glasses from Innervision! They have quite a selection, most of it is kind of this geek-chic look, but they also have some super unique frames. This is my first pair of plastic frames, so it's taken some getting used to.

It's so nice to replace my old pair. I loved my frames but they were starting to break down. Moreover, they were not strong enough. Cambodian optometrist: would not recommend. Not because he was Cambodian, but because he wasn't trying. He asked me to read a line, changed the lens, and read the line again. Well, I already memorized the line from 5 seconds ago! There was no fine tuning and they were not quite good enough for driving. They're good back-ups, though.

Now I can see like real people! I was shocked the way I haven't been since I got my first-ever pair of specs. Maybe my eyes have gotten worse, but when I put these on I feel ten years old again: You can see all the leaves on the trees! The writing on the road signs! Stars sparkle! Okay, maybe stars only sparkle because of the glare from your glasses, but it's fun to see them in two different ways.

I had a Groupon to Innervision so I saved a boatload of money (paid about $60 for the Groupon which covered the exam and up to $200 on frames- these frames were $179, from their cheaper selection); I probably couldn't afford them otherwise (no insurance). I paid for anti-reflective coating because it seemed like a good choice and they didn't try to sell me anything else. Innervision is right by Rittenhouse Square. The store is in an old townhouse-like space, and it was a bit messy- as if they had just moved in and wasn't sure where to put everything yet. Also, I made at least four trips up and down those stairs which wasn't so necessary. Overall it was a nice experience and the optometrist was super friendly and kind. I kept laughing during the exam and having to re-focus.

I'm almost dressed for work in this photo; just need to put on a blazer. With the pearls, the updo and the specs I feel mature, like a librarian first lady that you should probably respect.

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