Monday, February 13, 2012

Moving to Las Vegas, counting my time in weekends

When I went to Las Vegas to visit I decided to move there.
There isn't enough keeping me here anymore. I can finally save up some money and/or start paying my student loans off (if I can only afford to do the latter, I'll still feel awesome getting out of debt).
I am moving at the end of this short month, meaning I only have about two weeks left. I'll miss my restaurant job, but it's gotten really negative between staff lately & I'm not the only one leaving. I am not much torn up over leaving my day job- they were good and all, but I haven't felt like I was doing a good job since the promotion, and I also found out my direct boss is having an affair with a much much younger coworker. Off-putting.

In good news, my ex and now friend is moving out (remember, the girl I couldn't stand living with) and so I have someone to take a lot of my house-stuff, and in return they are helping me move by taking anything neither of us want to a thrift shop. Yay!

On Sunday I got back, on Monday I took my friend Alex to see Jack's Mannequin and Jukebox the The Ghost (and Allen Stone) in concert (it was awesome and I was super friendly) and they were very good live at the Theater of Live Arts. On Thursday I was supposed to go get my driver's license but it turns out my friend (whose car I was using) does not have a valid insurance card. He pays month-to-month, but when he gets pulled over the cops just look up the car to see that it's insured. The DMV won't do that, I didn't know anything about it, his mom told him to check but he ignored her thinking the DMV would also look up my info. I can't schedule another exam before I leave, so I have to learn the Nevada laws and do it there.
Unless somehow I can convince my mom to let me take the Z4, I'll either have to do it in the 4Runner (impossible. How would I parallel park?) or spend more time with one of her friends and do the test in his car. Problem: I can't stand him for very long, especially if we are one-on-one (like in the car). He's a great guy, does a lot for the community and for my mom, but oh my goodness when I had a driving lesson with him I wanted to stab my eyes out.

On Friday we had a going-away party for another coworker who is moving to Nantucket, and I had a lot of fun but didn't sleep until around 7 in the morning. Then, I woke up at 9:30 to catch a train into the city because I had an eye appointment with a place called Innervision that I found through Groupon. BUT, since they were busy (through Groupon, I imagine), my appointment was delayed and the glasses wouldn't be ready until about 3PM- and I still had to catch the train back to go to work, so I decided to come back another day. I'm not sure when that will be.
On the train ride in I was in a FANTASTIC mood. Maybe I was still drunk, but I just felt so happy, I was laughing at everything, talking to strangers, I gave some beggars money, I'm not sure why I felt so energetic and uplifted. I did connect with someone at the party, but I'm leaving in two weeks- though if I wasn't leaving I would probably have continued to refrain from moving in on them. I guess it's bittersweet.

I ate at Perch Pub for lunch/dinner and while the interior was cool, the view was nice, and the bartender a great bartender, I ordered Eggs Benedict and they didn't agree with me. Also, they were cold! I made it back in time for work and ate some fruit to stave off the hunger.

Saturday night at work I made plans with a different coworker for later in the week- and then he got fired that night! Afterwards I watched movie, was company, didn't sleep until close to seven- the sun was already coming up. I woke up at eleven (I think the stronger sunlight woke me up) and then I had to go home. I made myself soup from scratch, but before I could eat it at 2:20 my manager calls and asks where I am.
Me: I come in at three!
Manager: You come in at two on Sundays.
Me: What? I've always come in at three!
Manager: You've always been wrong!

So I rush in to work and spend the next 7 hours super hungry, but when I got home to my soup I couldn't eat much before I was full. Maybe my stomach shrank from being empty?

That night I slept for about 12 hours straight. Tomorrow is Valentines Day so I'm trying to prepare for a long, busy night full of couples making out and sitting on the same side of their table.
I'm hosting, which bums me out because I won't be making as much money- but I also won't be working as hard. Also also, I won't have to deal with so many PDA couples, so that's good for all of us...

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