Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I was discussing karma with a friend of mine, Tola,  on twitter. She was complaining about how when you're stuck in traffic, then when you see the cause of the traffic it's pretty minor. I said that once, we had been inching along when we got closer to the light and saw that a girl had basically broken down at the red light. And at LEAST ten cars had passed this girl before we could even see her, and it seemed like NO ONE had gotten out to help her! It wasn't rush hour, it wasn't a highway- just a medium sized road on the edge of a medium-small town, in a residential area. We pulled over on the intersecting road and the boys got out to offer her help to push her car out of the way. Tola said that was nice and she tries to help people because she knows it might soon be her that will need the help. I remarked on building good karma, but then- could it be bad karma to EXPECT something good to happen to you in return?
There's nothing really wrong with only doing good deeds hoping that you will get a return. I'd rather that happened than no one did good things, went out of their way to make someone else's day a little brighter or a little easier, because they couldn't see how it would help them.
Just a few thought today. I'm still searching for my camera's card reader that may or may not have some unfortunate parts in Cambodia so I am scarce on the recent pictures.

Recent good things:
- Got to see my old boss, Jay, and drop off some forms for recommendations!
-Was out and about walking in the sunshine
- I ran into Jon, Jenn's boyfriend, on the way to Arcadia and texted Jenn to tell her. Jenn texted me to tell me she was in the first row of computers at the library... I leaned around my monitor and she is sitting across from me.. haha!
- Got to hang out with Matt and measure him for the vest I decided I would make him. For practice- I'm even going to draft the pattern (possibly on the back of some paper bags or some gift wrap paper, although I don't actually have any gift wrap paper). He's good to sew for because he has a broad and occasionally humorous fashion sense, he can appreciate handmade, and he's skinny!
- I went into the little local yarn and quilting shop and found Gutermann thread for a cheaper price than I had seen online (I have since found it even cheaper but there's something about supporting your small local businesses) and talked to some of the staff for a bit. I also scored a yard and a quarter of a lovely Valori Wells for Free Spirit Fabric! In the dollar bin, so I only paid 1.25! It was a small and perfect indulgence for me. Also, I didn't see much of that kind of designer fabric on the bolt in the store- mostly batiks and a few random solids and dressmaking fabrics. I've been using a lot of re-purposed and crummy-to-begin-with fabric lately so it's nice to have a bit of higher-quality stuff to handle. Pictures as soon as I figure out my camera...
- A restaurant down the street from me may still be hiring, so I'll walk there tomorrow- I called today, but by the time I was done making and eating dinner I was tired and looked kinda gross.
- The rock climbing club I used to head has been doing well and should have an outdoor climb soon, possibly end of this month! I was invited to go, and may be useful as a belayer.
- I kept forgetting things for my classes/recs but then I kept not needing them. It was a strange day.

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