Sunday, July 29, 2012

Quickie Review: Cos Bar at Target nail polish

Found in the clearance section of Target, illustrating that while it's nice to save a bit of money- especially when buying a non-necessity like nail polish- you run the risk of actually liking it and not being able to buy it again. Fortunately I pick nail polish colours mostly for variety, so not knowing the name of this colour (from the discontinued Cos Bar for Target line, no less) is fine by me. Also, it's too dark for me to really be in love with it. The polish is not really the colour it looks in the bottle. I would have said the polish was brown with gold or silver sparkles and maybe a duo chrome effect. On the nails it's reddish brown- not quite gold enough for me to say bronze but not quite red enough to say brick. There's silver sparkles and lots of shine, but even after three coats it's a little transparent. You might like that if you trends to gob on too much polish- the formula is very thin and the high shine is forgiving of uneven brush strokes. Shown in sunlight and indoors with no flash.

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