Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Aloe Gloe

I want to make some kind of "gloe-ing review" pun but it'd be better if I really was glowing about it. This drink showed up in my office when they moved some of the staff- and their stuff- from California to Las Vegas. Therefore, I can't say if it's a bargain. It is made in California, which gives it a nice local appeal. While it's cute that the name rhymes, my brain keeps reading the label as "aloe glue", entirely unappetizing. The drink itself is not bad, although it doesn't go easy on the sweetener. I find many aloe drinks are sweetened, but this struck me as particularly sweet. if you hate pulp in your aloe, or that gel-like consistency many aloe drinks have, this is a very good choice. It's the first aloe drink I've had that's easy to DRINK.

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