Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I'm not really ready to post about my travels yet, but I have a few pictures from Memorial Day weekend and the weekend before, where I volunteered at the temple near my house- it's called Chaiya Meditation Monastery and they have a food fair once a month. 
Can you read it? I snapped it as they were driving away- it reads SSSNAPE!

At the food fair

Some awesome sunglasses

Over the weekend- I had just started working- and I was a little bummed I didn't have plans for Memorial Day weekend. There was plenty to do, but I didn't want to spend money when I didn't actually have a paycheck coming in. 
But surprise surprise, when I had just settled in to a weekend of surfing the web and cleaning the house, an old friend of my mother's from Maryland gave me a call. She's in Vegas with her husband at their brother in law's house! Am I free?

Of course I am free! This is in one of the hotels. I can't even remember now. The Venetian?

The Bellagio Gardens is one of my favorite places on the Strip. 
These Flapjacks remind me of one of my favorite cartoons, "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack."

This is my mother's friend. I've befriended her daughter as well, even though she's quite a bit younger than me. The gardens were done up in an Spring/Americana theme- Flags, a lighthouse, a frog made of flowers, a carousel.

the hot air balloons swaying gently

My aunt's (the friend of my mom's) nephew, Justin. He is studying philosophy and just got into a very competitive summer law intensive. Competitive? There are only 20 spots. For the whole country.

Do you think these ducks get scared when the Bellagio water show comes on?

I'm sure at some point I'll get tired of walking the Strip and showing visitors around, but I haven't yet :)

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