Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pictures! Birthday Weekend! Coachella problems!

When it was my birthday, my dear friend Christine from high school came up to see me from Maryland! I call her Teeney because she's tall.. It makes sense to us, trust us (oh, high school girls). She's always been more camera-savvy than I, and she was selling her old camera because she had bought a better, smaller one. So I gladly bought it from her, and am really excited to make my blog more interesting! Well, maybe it still won't be interesting.. I should probably work on my writing, too, hm?

Anyways, this is me and Teeney at Tattooed Mom's on South Street:
I would honestly probably describe Tattooed Mom's as a hisptery dive bar that I don't understand. It had all this thrift store score old fashioned furniture, and a lovely bar, but the service was terrible and the faux-roccoco detailing on the furniture didn't save it from feeling dirty. They have this thing about leaving little toys and trinkets all over, and putting out Dum-Dum pops... all cute, sure, but sort of cluttery. Which might be exactly what you're going for. After all, a girl flashed us (bra on!).
We went to a small Oktoberfest celebration at Brauhaus at ate lunch at Kanella with another high school friend, who is in medical school in Philadelphia now. I scored her the last cheap fake-Tyrolean hat they were giving out. Later, I gave the hat to some totally drunk guy on the street.

I liked the beaded necklace because there was a tiny mug on it! These necklaces, we later threw at aforementioned flashing girl.
For knitting, the tank I am wearing is Coachella from Knitty, made of Knitpick's Shine. It is not holding up to washing and wearing quite as well as I had hoped and is sort of sagging. Maybe next time a cotton blended with nylon or elastic is in order. I'm also wearing a blue tank underneath from Benneton that happens to match the color very well - and the neckline on Coachella is waaay too low on me, necessitating the under layer. Maybe another Coachella would also have to be knit with a smaller drape all around.  Later we passed this mural of trees and the neighborhood in a pixelated look. Jason, Teeney's main main, told us to look square:
 Then we decided to look acceptable. I'm wearing the free hat, as well as a midi length embroidered cotton skirt I picked up in Thailand at the nice part of Jatujak market. I am undecided on how flattering this length is on me. I think it might make me look shorter and cut at a weird part of my leg, but skirts that hit above the knee sometimes make me feel like too much is showing.
As for accessories, there are Tsubo heels I kind of adore (I paid too much for them, is the only problem) and a Coach bag my mother was carrying when she came to visit me. When we visited a diamond shop (for their impending betrothal!!!!!) I was glad I had gotten a little dressed up. But any semblance of  maturity was probably betrayed by my hat and the fact that I spent the time flipping through a bridal magazine and criticizing the models' postures.
 Jason took this picture of Teeney as she was walking towards him, and I think it such a pretty picture of her without me creeping on the side. :p

I took this one of the cute couple:
they're fantastic.
 Then here, I can point out the sag that bothers me on this Coachella tank. You can see it in the above front-on picture where Teeney and I aren't being squares, but it's harder to see where the normal, intentional drape of the neck stops and then there is a weird sag. Possibly, if I had a bigger chest circumference, I wouldn't have the problem of the drape revealing too much OR this second under-bust sag. Notes if I ever make a second Coachella: even though I made the XS size, I might need an XXS. Don't make as many increases for the drape, if possible, and the raceback can be shorter (and requires reinforcement), as well as the armholes being smaller (I crocheted a border and pulled it in tightly, skipping a few stitches). Anyways, in this side view you can see the normal drape, and then underneath that, another bulge- this is the fabric sagging:
 Jason figured out some function on Teeney's new camera that takes multiple pictures, which is how this candid came about:
I like it, but I have to remember to push my glasses up!
 And the three of us! We happen to all be wearing blue shirts. Blue is going to figure prominently in their upcoming wedding!

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