Saturday, October 22, 2011

Last weekend I went to a church rummage sale, which was a first for me. There were no clothes which was probably good to keep the mess and that "thrift smell" down. But there was a bunch of really neat stuff, and they were as organized as one could expect. I picked up some ribbon, a potholder kit, and an embroidery hoop for cheap, about three dollars. I didn't even like what was in the embroidery hoop- I just wanted the hoop! I also picked up something for my wall. That wasn't a priority for me- some people really want stuff on their walls, but I tend to think it looks cluttered. There is a poster I own that has followed me through high school and college, that I want to get framed before I hang it up again (and because of that, I haven't put it up here- if I'm just going ot move again, I'll save myself the space).
The poster I bought can actually be found at

Isn't that so great? I don't have any special interest in seals, but I do have an interest in well-done scientific illustration. I think these seals are just so awesome and ugly and magnificent. AND it's educational. I don't think I'll tire of it soon. It was only $3 anyways.
If it was just a poster I might have passed, but it was actually very well framed- definitely done at a professional frame shop. That's part of why I bought it and lugged it home. I haven't put it up yet; it's propped up on a chair that I found on the street (it needs to be re-caned.. I'll be teaching myself caning! It also needs to be painted and the legs are uneven, I'm not sure how I'll fix it but I don't think it will be hard).

In another yard sale on the way there I picked up a weaving loom! I don't know if it has all the parts- I haven't checked yet- but I know it has instructions. I also got a few ladies' gloves and a few books, including a lovely copy of War and Peace that I'll slog through.

Interestingly this has made me want to purge a lot of random stuff from my house. if I'm going to be bringing things in I need to put things out, or I will drown in clutter. I think I'll start by getting rid of scrap fabrics that I won't -really- use, and clothing I never wear (some of it I have NEVER WORN, as it was given to me by my mother who may or may not have worn it herself). I would give it to the thrift shop down my street, but they're closing soon over a dispute with their landlord and are trying to get rid of items. I did a big shop there a few weeks ago and scored some interesting items. At the end of the month they're having a dollar sale so I may stop in again, just to see if there's anything new put out. I would have called the Vietnam Veterans of America group to pick up a bag of clothes but the Better Business Bureau tells me they're a little shady! Egad!

All this will give me things to occupy myself over the cold winter, I'll be staying in to save money- it helps that my landlord pays the heat!

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