Saturday, September 10, 2011

Small Trends

Do you ever start hearing about something. a few mentions here and there, and then you forget about it- only to hear about it in full, as a big trend that's caught on with a lot of other people who DIDN'T forget like you did? Well, I suppose some things never get that much bigger. Right now in some blogs I've seen people making friendship bracelets. I know a few bloggers put together a group and swap but I wasn't interested then and I guess the swap went fine, though I didn't follow up on it. I wonder if the ladies (or men?) in the swap wore their bracelets or gave them to a younger set. They always seemed to have waves of popularity when I was in school- mostly because teachers tried to outlaw making bracelets in class. I'd often have one or two and wear them until they got grody. I had a few that were loose enough to slip on and off.
I'm working on one right now. Technically I have one I started a million years ago for a friend of mine- a guy who happens to be in to making and wearing friendship bracelets also!- but I never finished it because I wasn't really happy with it (and it was hard!). You can't just frog these like with knitting.
But unlike knitting it's only been a few hours (while reading blogs AND working on my assignment for Public Health Core) and I'm nearly done. Seesh!

But of course I am boring and pictureless. I AM buying a camera from a friend of mine when she comes up here in a few weeks- and it uses a normal memory card that my computer takes! Glory glory!

Here is a picture that's kind of a big deal:

I got my hair cut a month ago! It was kind of on a whim. I have more or less gotten used to it! :)

It doesn't really take less work than having long hair though. I don't have to plan the days I will wash my hair, but I have to wash it more often because it looks greasy so much faster. I don't have to pin it up but I will blow dry and straighten it in order to keep it looking nice and not like constant bedhead.

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