Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shopping List.

Today we went to the Lucky supermarket. I remember the Lucky market from when I was a little kid here, and how it was little too- the company has really grown with Cambodia. And it's huge! We also went to the Lucky department store which was... spacious.. but boring. The workers seemed REALLY excited to sell me stuff. Which was nice, but I did not need FIVE of them crowding me. Well, I'm used to feeling a little crowded at Asian department stores, since in American ones sometimes you can't even find an employee.

Anyways, the supermarket has a lot of variety now. I bought goat cheese and pickles. I've only started liking pickles this year, after an entire lifetime of not liking them.
The meat is in a million small styrofoam trays and you can seriously get so many things.
The labels read like:
Organic chicken
Black chicken
cross breed chicken
cambodia chicken
chicken hearts
chicken gizzards
chicken livers
chicken insides (mixed)
------that last one would be a variety pack of organs
quails (the s is a typo, but it would still have the head, just defeathered. and dead)
mix for sour soup (bones meat and veggies)
pork blood
pork kidneys
beef calf
beef calf leg.
salmon heads.


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