Monday, October 18, 2010

Crafty musings and the Frankencoaster

I really want to make pillowcases now. -sigh- I was looking at crafting blogs and one shared a tutorial on making a rolled pillowcase (here: Scrapyard Fabrication blog).  Just the other day, I saw a bunch of cross stitched towels- the kind that are usually small guest or hand towels, with a strip of Aida cloth you can cross stitch on. I've cross stitched a few things, but nothing useful so far. I had a cross stitch kit of a wee hairy coo from Scotland (a hairy cow!) that I must have lost. I have the other cross stitch kit I bought from Scotland, a lavender sachet about 3 inches high and 1.5 inches across, still unfinished, still with the lavender.
Please note here that I bought this kit three and a half years ago.
I'm supposed to be trying my hand at "office worker modern young woman" or something, but it seems like I want to start a hope chest!
I am very old fashioned in some ways, especially when it comes to handicrafts. I knit, I sew, I was working on a quilt before I left, I can crochet and embroider- but like beading and cross stitch those last two have been lying dormant mostly. I just like making things and having something to show for it. I am also pretty fidgety, knitting helps me calm down!

Right now I am working on a pair of tabi socks for my boyfriend. I also made him a coaster the first week I was here. See, the mattress we bought for my bed had these weird noisy labels on them, so I picked them off and found out there was padding underneath. Hm! So I kept them. Then in a stack of clothing my mom had left here- she has clothing everywhere! In every closet! In other countries!!- I found some kind of bottle gift bag or glasses pouch kind of thing. I ripped it apart. I took some scrap yarn- yes, I brought over yarn to Cambodia because I knew it could be hard to find nice yarn here- and quilted up a coaster. The scrap yarn was actually from when I made him a pair of socks for his birthday and ran out of yarn so I made the toes in a contrasting yarn! The leftover contrasting color went into this coaster.

I call it the Frankencoaster and he's required to love it and I will probably make another. ^_^

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