Friday, November 13, 2015

Humerus Halloween Scrubs

Jillybean (not her real name) is a sewing friend. We didn't sew together, though. We actually used to work at a fabric shop, so wet bought a lot of fabric and didn't show each other much of it. Our recent exchange:
Me: I actually bought a fabric for a project and then made that fabric into that project, ON TIME
JB: wow. I've been sewing since I was nine and still haven't managed to do that.

The project in question?
A Halloween scrub top!
The hospital I work at recently changed their uniform code, and we've gone from "wearing whatever color scrubs you feel like, unless you need to wear the hospital issued, laundered in house surgical scrubs" to "specific colors depending on your position. Unless you need to wear the house laundered scrubs. Then you're still wearing those. Womp womp".
We're (so graciously) allowed a few scrub holidays- and the first one since the new uniform went into effect was Halloween!
Now I've realized I fibbed, though. I didn't buy this fabric specifically for a scrub top. It was MAYBE gonna be a scrub top but MAYBE a seasonal throw pillow but who COULD BE SURE because I just loved the Halloween themed puns happening- "do you find me HUMERUS?"

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