Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Knitting Goal Update

Updating my crafting goals! I tend to think of these in year long blocks but really, I'm pretty informal about it. Sometimes it depends on the goal (for example, knit HBf form fingerless gloves- this doesn't need to be done until next winter, and all summer it'll be hot).

My bigger, more general goals right now:
-Enter something in the fair.
----- I'm going to clean up my Malabrigo sweater and enter it, and likely my Seaweed socks from our sock KAL. I don't know if I'll get anything else fair-worthy done in time. The fair is in April.
---- I just want to get better at this, but I'll just find a way to use it in a future project. I don't have any main timeline here.
-Charity knitting
---- There is a charity I can knit for with one of the women going to the Fair. Another knitting friend is running a drive right now, and that might be my main project after the socks (which are my current main project). The rest is ongoing.
- Sewing. This has fallen so very far by the wayside. Honestly, I'm not surprised. Sewing isn't as portable and requires larger chunks of time than knitting.

My smaller, more compartmentalized goals:

- Finish my mom's vest (by this year)
- Knit HBf some fingerless gloves, his current ones are ratty and sad and acrylic anyways (by next winter)
- Knit or crochet some more summery stuff. I am so cold this winter, but really, I live in Las Vegas. It will get hot again. (whenever)
- Set up this loom. (someday)
-Figure out this knitting machine. (I've had the machine for like 4 years now without doing anything, it'll keep waiting)
- The Like Like sweater. I even have the yarn. (by this year)
- The Charlie Brown Sweater Dress. I don't have the yarn for this, but it's a cool idea in my head. (whenever)

It's interesting to see this change from time to time.

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