Thursday, January 31, 2013

Parliament sweater

this post was written on my phone, that's why the pictures are sideways and at the end

A few weekends ago, I went thrift store shopping with some great friends from knitting, Kellie and Sydni. (Sydni's blog)
Sydni started looking at me funny, then asked: is your arm socket space smaller than mine?
Haha! She meant, she had knitted a sweater and the armscye area was too tight on her. It's a raglan, so there's no releasing the seam. She was offering to GIVE it to me!!
Not only was it an Owls sweater- a project I had been meaning to make- it was a cardigan! I kept thinking to myself, "I should knit a cardigan, I have enough pullovers."
It's essentially perfect. The sleeves are a bit long-  which is cute, I can cuff them! There are no buttons- yet. There are button holes.
I wore it yesterday and today (I know, today's pink-skirt-brown-socks-black-tank-purple-shoes outfit is a bit much. I couldn't seem to get it together this morning), and I'll wear it tomorrow to knitting group....
I have JUST the thank-you project planned out.

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