Friday, November 23, 2012

LYS everywhere.

My yarn sense was tingling...
Just kidding, the hobo boyfriend said he thought there was a yarn store in Boulder City. We took a walk around town, stopping at antique stores and the like, and found it. I don't even remember seeing a name on the storefront- it was tucked into a corner next to some other "antique shop curios slash boutique" store of the kind that propagates Boulder City. This yarn store was super messy, with a bunch if other dusty crafts supplies spilling out of displays in piles. HBF said he could remember, from years ago when he was a child, the old woman proprietor sitting in that same seat, working a small project and watching football, just as we saw her today. They had a few interesting yarns- Araucania, Louisa Harding, Noro- and many shiny Italian polyester novelties. You know the kind- spangles, glitter, railroad track ribbon yarns. The fancy yarns of good dubber were a bit  overpriced considering how they were kept (in bins and baskets, jumbled, some hanks hanging up- but several hanks looked as if they had been undone and not properly rewound). At those prices I'd want the yarn to look clean and untouched. It had it's charm though- you felt like you could find a hidden gen here. It would be quite hidden. The store is probably best if you're looking for a gift or for baby-pastel workhorse acrylic yarn (or, as the picture shows, a yarn made some time in the Eighties). I bought a single skein of creamy white Sirdar Snowflake. It's going to be the trim in my rainbow Wingspan- like a fluffy silver cloud. However, I can't decide if that's going to cross the line from whimsy tho tacky. If it doesn't work, the Snowflake is also to start baby knitting- a cousin of mine has just welcomed twins into the world!

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