Friday, January 6, 2012

Future Project Friday

It's a new year! So I want to think about some of the craft things I want to get done and the things that I have supplies and ideas for but have just been sitting around.

1. The Big Blue and Green Quilt. This is ongoing for a year now, and it's been in hibernation for too long. With my time off from my day job, I should start it up again.

2. Alex's T-shirt quilt. Just waiting for my bolt of interfacing from Should get here soon; I've alwasy had great shipping times from them.

3. A t-shirt tunic from one of the shirts in the giant bag Alex gave me. I have good ideas for this one; I only hope it'll turn out well and be wearable.

4. Hemming my Ann Taylor pants. This will wait until I am back to work; I will take them to one of two tailors in the area to judge their service and workmanship before I take more difficult things to them.

5. Tailoring white wool skirt and the yellow wool skirt I got from Patina Vintage- either do it myself or take it to a tailor.

6. New yellow belt for yellow sundress.

7. Four hoodies: resize giant black Toroa zip up; maybe make it a crossover. Red Arcadia Football hoodie: Tunic, white trim? White Arcadia Beaver Beach hoodie: Unsure. May be my practice for the Red hoodie. La Salle hoodie: just cover up the front La Salle logo since I withdrew from the school!

8. Re-do the cuff on the Granny Smith Green socks I made, so I can actually wear them.

9. MY tshirt quilt? with lots of Arcadia shirts? it's a possibility but not a for-sure.

10. Matt's sweater-vest.

11. A bow tie.

12. The Torii tunic pattern I already bought.

13. Jackie's convertible cutoff gloves. She already knows I may take a while. I may be getting a crocheted blanket in exchange!!

14. Beaded necklaces and brooches.

Done this year:

1. Finish Jon's gloves.

2. Take in a teal green button-down. Teal is a color I'm excessively picky about, and I might still not like this shirt... but I like it a lot more now that it fits better.

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