Sunday, August 7, 2011

A new month and ending summer.

A lot has been happening recently! Some good, some bad. My mother came to visit me, with a bunch of her friends, that was pretty hectic. The day after, I got fired from my job at the bakery. It wasn't at all undeserved, but looking back on my performance overall I also have a greater appreciation for a job where the boss is really a boss and protocol is established and followed. It's unfortunate that I lost a job that was so convenient to walk to, but my days were getting really unreliable- the last week I worked there I only worked three days, and my paychecks were less than half of what I had been expecting to make. Back to the job hunt for me.
The next week my mom came to see me again, which wasn't really planned, but it was a nice visit and I got to stock my fridge. I got cai leuk- also known as balut, these are eggs that have been fertilized and have a small bird-fetus in them. I know a lot of people find them gross, but I hardly eat the fetus AND I don't see how it's different from eating any other animal. Before we bred chickens to make unfertilized eggs, this is what eggs were- naturally, this is how eggs ARE. I find breeding a chicken to make a sterile egg- much more unnatural and strange. You've turned a normal chicken into a machine that births a foodstuff only for you to eat.
I liked having my mom around and hearing people speak Thai and Lao, and I met some really nice friends of her friends that I hope to see more often and spend more time with. However my patience was wearing pretty thin and my house was feeling pretty small by the time she was about to leave. I probably won't see her for another several months to a year, and I'm sure I'll miss her all over again then.
Dan's birthday just happened and we had a nice dinner at the restaurant where I work! It was quite fancy. Then we spent a day together relaxing before I had to go to work. I worked a forty-person party!
I have work again today and I'm scheduled all by myself.

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