Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine's day!

I really honestly am not one of those girls that expects something on Valentine's day. We really could do nothing. But I really really really like when I -do- get something. It doesn't have to be an actual thing! Dan is not a gift giver. But this morning he made me breakfast and brought it to me in bed. :D He used the pizza pan as the tray, with a dishcloth over it, and then toast, scrambled eggs, some donuts he picked up on the way home (when he also bought toilet paper) and two cups of tea- because he wasn't sure what I'd want, so he made two different teas and drank the one I didn't choose! But I didn't want get crumbs in the bed so we ate in the living room. It was a nice gesture on Dan's part. I found some letters last night that I had written in Cambodia- even one I wrote on the plane on the way there!- and I hadn't had the chance to send. Later we're hanging out with some of my friends, some I haven't seen since I left in October.
I'm going to use this idea from Design*Sponge, and modify some tea bags to be super cute, and put them in his backpack to go to work. Even though he might not even see it tonight if he doesn't make tea! He often makes coffee at work.

Right now I am trying to stay awake. I didn't sleep much last night because my sleeping schedule had gotten all off during and I was very awake. I applied to a bunch of places but then realized I'd been sending my resume out as a .odt file, and might not open in MS Word. Gosh darn word. When Dan wakes up he's going to help me save it "properly"- or I'll save it as a pdf- and resend it. Hopefully employers will see this as me being really serious about wanting a job, not being forgetful...

I take the GRE Friday, and I put in the Princeton Review's GRE prep DVD that came with the book for the first time. So far it was way too... "friendly". Too much talking with a 80's/90's PSA feel- that tone of voice, various shots of a young narrator in differing locations at EVERY SENTENCE. I got tired of it. I am thinking I'll try the NOVA book for a bit (it seems so much harder!) and move past the PR disc's intro and explanations and on to a practice test today.
I could forgive the manner of the videos on the DVD if I could actually hear them speaking in their silly tone. It is so quiet!! What is the point of that? If I need to I'll try headphones but I shouldn't need to.

I'll feel so much better once I can get the GRE done, as I'll just be finishing up sending off all my applications- well, doing the majority of them, and paying all the application fees! Ugh, it's like a cover charge to a bar, only you might not even be able to drink or have fun with your friends if the bar/band is no good.
And I'll feel so much better when I get a job. There are some I applied to that I really really want, and some I'll settle for, for now.

Okay. Back to studying. And House is on TV... :)

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